Research Paper

       Have you ever lost someone close to you because of a bad decision, or from a decision that someone else made? Drunk driving is one of the leading causes of deaths in the U.S.  Every 40 minutes a person dies from an alcohol related “accident”.  People make bad choices all the time.  But there is a difference between a bad choice and a bad choice that can endanger your life or someone else’s.  For those of you who drink and drive now I suggest reading this paper and maybe next time you will be smart enough to think before getting behind the wheel.

       Drunk driving has been a growing problem for numerous years now. Every year approximately 16,000 drivers are killed in an alcohol related crash.  To stop this growing problem we have tried to implament Dui checkpoints through the states in the U.S.  But there is a problem; it goes against our U.S. constitution.  It goes against the 4th amendment and that is that no government official has the right to question or investigate a U.S. citizen unless there is a reason.  People are complaining that they are being stopped at these checkpoints even though they haven’t been drinking. But it is either check everyone and take the dangerous drunk drivers off the roads, or let them drive recklessly and kill more innocent people.  "Forget limits on BAC. Its just not acceptable to drink and drive period.  And since we cant eliminate driving why not eliminate drinking" -MADD president Wendy Hamilton.  In our group we all agree that drinking should be eliminated and that we rather be investigated at these checkpoints for something that we might have not possibly done then drive with the growing risk of being hit by a drunk driver.  We understand that people might be impatient about stopping at these checkponts but it is for their safety.  After asking our parents about drunk driving they told us that even sometimes while driving on the roads at night they get scared.  Scared of being hit by a drunk driver, scared of injuring the other passengers in the car, scared that they too might be separated from their loved ones.  From our point of view we agree that these checkpoints should be legalized in all states and be immediately put to work.  "In El Salvador, a first offense of drunk driving results in execution by firing squad." Detroit News (Lucky we live here where it’s only jail, fine & license suspension.)  We may be lucky not to get executed but maybe El Salvador has a point.  If we make the consequences bigger and more dreadful, then maybe people will come around finally and say i dont want that to happen to me so im not going to drink and drive.  The sooner we decrease the number of drunk drivers the better, and as soon as that happens we will start to save lives across the U.S.
      A drunk driver killed Princess Diana. She was on her way home from a party at the Ritz hotel when her limo driver slammed into a concrete pillar. Killing himself, Princess Diana and her boyfriend Dodi. “We have all been trying in our different ways to cope. It is not easy to express a sense of loss, since the initial shock is often succeeded by a mixture of other feelings: disbelief, incomprehension, anger -- and concern for those who remain. We have all felt those emotions in these last few days. So what I say to you now, as your queen and as a grandmother, I say from my heart.”  Said Queen Elizabeth II The only person that survived the crash was the princess’ bodyguard. He was the only person in the car to be wearing his seatbelt. Her limo driver, Henri Paul, had been drinking the night before when he got into the driver seat of the limo. He had consumed three times the legal alcohol limit in France, the equivalent of ten glasses of wine. Another specific case cause by drunk driving is Jacqueline Saburido she and her three friends were driving home from a party, where they had not been drinking, and were hit by a drunk driver. Reginald Stephey, an 18-year-old high school student, was on his way home from a party where they had been drinking, he then hit Saburido’s car. Two of Jacqui’s friends were killed on impact, and two were flown by life flight to intensive care. Jacqueline was pinned in the car, with no way to get out. The car then caught on fire, with Jacqueline trapped. She was stuck in the car, burning, for 45 seconds. She suffered from 3rd degree burns over 60% of her body. All of her fingers had to amputated, and her feet were left untouched. She lost her hair, eyelids, nose, ears, lips and most of her vision. When Reginald apologized to Jacqueline, her response was “I don’t hate you”. Not everyone dies in a drunk driving accident. Think before you drink, you only have one life, make sure to make the right decisions. “OneDayOneLifeOneChoice” 

       There are many ways the percentage of drunk drivers can be lowered. We can try our hardest to stop drunk driving all together.  The main way we can help in this prevention would to aware the people of the U.S. of the consequences of this bad decision.  People don’t think about it at the time, but by driving under the influence you are endangering their life and possible the life of another innocent human.   For our project we’ve created a Facebook page that has links to many websites and poems about drunk driving. We have also created our own website (  We as students want to make a difference and have decided to do that by raising awareness at our school. Tying in Rachel’s challenge (a pledge that I school has accepted to spread kindness and compassion) we have decided to make wristbands. Our quote for our wristband is, “One Day One Life One Choice.”  This shows that you have one life and at that moment you will be faced with a choice to drive under the influence.  And we hope that you make the right choice and say that one word, and that one word is no.  The money we raise throughout this challenge will go towards MADD (mothers against drunk driving). There are many ways people can help to try and decrease the percent of drunk drivers.  If stopping drunk driving really means something to you, sit down and take your time to research what you can do to help. "If you must drink and drive, drink Pepsi." ~Author unknown, as seen on a bumper sticker. "If drinking is interfering with your work, you're probably a heavy drinker. If work is interfering with your drinking, you're probably an alcoholic." ~Author Unknown

       No one would want to live knowing that they have committed man slaughter, and living with the fact that if that moment they didn’t step behind the wheel those victims would have been able to carry one living there life.  But because of that one choice, a choice that you made, those people were not able to do that.  Think about all the innocent people that are no longer able to return to their families, all the kids that are no longer able to see their parents.  All because of one persons bad decision.  Next time you want to step behind the wheel remember our quote.  “One day, One Life, One Choice”.  It’s your choice so say no!